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Need Juice Running to Your New Pool? Call A Portland Oregon Electrician

How can a Portland Oregon Electrician like Rose City Electric make your home renovations much easier?

This is a fantastic time of year for home improvement. Many people have already received their income tax refund or will be receiving one soon and since the weather is much nicer, many people think about home improvement. What kind of project are you thinking about? Maybe turning your backyard into a oasis for those hot summer months. So how can a Portland Oregon Electrician help you accomplish this goal?

You have decided on putting in an above ground pool with soft lights, so you can do some night swimming. Along with that you want to run some electricity outside of your home, so you and your and kids can take their laptops outside or you want to have electricity for that blender to make daiquiris, smoothies and margaritas for your summer time parties. Also you want to have an outdoor fridge as well. One call to your local and well respected Portland Oregon Electrician can get the electricity running smoothly to your back yard oasis. 

Rose City Electric Company has been in business for decades and are there to install all your electrical needs. They can run the wire from your pool filter and pool lights to your circuit breaker box. They can install outdoor outlets (think about how easy decorating for Christmas can be if you can use outdoor outlets as opposed to using  feet and feet of extension cords all hooked together). The work is insured and you can be assured that everything will be done right. Hiring a Portland Oregon Electrician as opposed to doing the work yourself can ensure a properly done electrical job plus it frees your time to focus on other things. 

You can call Rose City Electric Company at 503-287-6164 or visit their website at rosecityelectricco.com. You can receive a free estimate from them and while on the website you can see other electrical jobs they can do. Rose City can do electrical work for homes, business and even industrial properties.  Also, there are plenty of customer thoughts about Rose City and their work. Why not call them today and see how they can get the electricity running smoothly to your backyard oasis. The sooner you call, the sooner you can be making magaritas for your friends as you swim in the pool.