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Jun 9

Your Portland Electrician Can Update Your Home’s Electric System

If you are looking to upgrade your home, why not update that electrical system by hiring a Portland Electrician.

For most people, they move into a home and think everything is peachy until something happens, perhaps just a small electrical fire. And then they call a Portland Electrician. But what if you can prevent that small electrical fire? What if you knew all about your electrical system in your home, then you could know where the problem is. Unless, you are an electrician or one who knows a lot about wiring, then you may have no idea what is bad or wrong. 

Over the years, electrical systems change. The wire gets thicker, the power is managed better and the building codes change. If you live in an older home and you know that your electrical system has been never updated then it might be time to be proactive and do something about it now before a fire does happen. After electrical fires are a common house fire. Yes, this project will cost you money but the benefits outweigh the initial price. One of the benefits are if you plan on reselling your home then the value of the home goes up. Another benefit is safety. When your electrical system is updated and installed properly everything should run smoothly and you can rest your mind about not having an electrical fire. And if your home still has a fuse box, you can save money in the years to come by installing a circuit breaker box because you won’t have to find fuses (which are getting harder and more expensive to find should you need a new fuse.) 

If you are ready to take your home to next step in electrical safety, then go on over and check out Rose City Electric Company, a Portland Electrician. You can call them at 503-287-6164 and ask for a free estimate. If you tell them you what you done to your home, they can tell anything else you might need, so you don’t miss anything.  The Portland Electrician, Rose City Electric Company has been in business since 1946 helping Portland and the surrounding area with all their electrical needs. It doesn’t matter if the job is simple or more complex, you will get the top notch service you are paying for. 

So why give your beloved home a much needed electric update and call your Portland Electrician, Rose City Electric Company.

Jun 9

Building a New Home? Call Rose City Electric Company for Electrical System

Even if you are building your home with your two hands, you just might need to hire a Portland Electrician to do the electrical work. www.rosecityelectricco.com

You are incredibly skilled carpenter. And now the time has come to break the ground on your new home. You always wanted to build your home with your own two hands (and some help from your friends of course). You created the house plans on the computer and started buying the 2x4’s for the frame of the house. You may be a skilled craftsman but you make furniture for the most part and you don’t work out in the world with other contractors. But you know people, you know someone to do HVAC and you know someone to do the plumbing but you don’t know an electrician. Your friends say they know people but they can only help out when they are free and who knows when that will be. You actually want to move into your house as soon as you can. You want to stick to your building schedule. So you have some options, you could wait for your friend’s friends or you could just call your Portland Electrician, Rose City Electric Company. 

When you hire Rose City Electric Company, a Portland Electrician, you are hiring a company with many years of experience. And since your home done as close to on time, Rose City Electric Company understands this and also wants to get the job done on time and done right the first time.  They will listen to your needs and deliver quality work. The best part is all you have to do is call them at 503-287-6164 or visit their website at rosecityelectricco.com and request a free estimate on your job. 

They can do any job such as residential, new construction, additions, or even moving outlets. They can work on commercial and industrial properties. Rose City Electric Company is a full service electrician service and has been running wire since 1946 for Portland and the surrounding area so they must know what they are doing. Since experience matters and being in business that long shows they do good work. 

So if you are building your new home, be sure to call your Portland Electrician, Rose City Electric Company, to install your electrical system. 

Need Juice Running to Your New Pool? Call A Portland Oregon Electrician

How can a Portland Oregon Electrician like Rose City Electric make your home renovations much easier?

This is a fantastic time of year for home improvement. Many people have already received their income tax refund or will be receiving one soon and since the weather is much nicer, many people think about home improvement. What kind of project are you thinking about? Maybe turning your backyard into a oasis for those hot summer months. So how can a Portland Oregon Electrician help you accomplish this goal?

You have decided on putting in an above ground pool with soft lights, so you can do some night swimming. Along with that you want to run some electricity outside of your home, so you and your and kids can take their laptops outside or you want to have electricity for that blender to make daiquiris, smoothies and margaritas for your summer time parties. Also you want to have an outdoor fridge as well. One call to your local and well respected Portland Oregon Electrician can get the electricity running smoothly to your back yard oasis. 

Rose City Electric Company has been in business for decades and are there to install all your electrical needs. They can run the wire from your pool filter and pool lights to your circuit breaker box. They can install outdoor outlets (think about how easy decorating for Christmas can be if you can use outdoor outlets as opposed to using  feet and feet of extension cords all hooked together). The work is insured and you can be assured that everything will be done right. Hiring a Portland Oregon Electrician as opposed to doing the work yourself can ensure a properly done electrical job plus it frees your time to focus on other things. 

You can call Rose City Electric Company at 503-287-6164 or visit their website at rosecityelectricco.com. You can receive a free estimate from them and while on the website you can see other electrical jobs they can do. Rose City can do electrical work for homes, business and even industrial properties.  Also, there are plenty of customer thoughts about Rose City and their work. Why not call them today and see how they can get the electricity running smoothly to your backyard oasis. The sooner you call, the sooner you can be making magaritas for your friends as you swim in the pool. 

A Portland Oregon Electrician to Help with Your Kitchen Remodel

How can a Portland Oregon Electrician make your blah kitchen your dream kitchen?

Your kitchen is outdated big time. There is 3 outlets in your kitchen and you have your fridge on one outlet and the rest of the outlets have power strips so you can run your small appliances like your toaster and your coffee pot.  You look at your kitchen and you see something more. You want to replace all your counters and your sink. You want to add more cabinets and maybe a lighted display cabinet so you can showcase family heirloom china. You want better lighting and you want soft light for underneath the cabinets. Not only that but you just bought the most awesome ceiling fan. 

Make that one call to your Portland Oregon Electrician, Rose City Electric Company. They have you covered with professional expert electricians that insured and bonded.  They can rewire your kitchen, add that fantastic ceiling fan, install the under the cabinet lighting and even install outlets so you can finally get rid of all those power strips once and for all. They are there to work with you for all your electrical needs to update your kitchen. 

It is much better to have a professional electrician to do the work because the job will done right the first time. Sure, you could find how to articles on the web but unless you are a professional yourself, electricity is one thing that requires a lot of safety precautions in installation and in use.  Knowing that a professional is doing the work for you can give you a peace of mind that everything will work great. You already have enough to think about, you don’t need to worry if your house will catch on fire because of a bad wiring job. 

How to Reach a Portland Oregon Electrician

You can call your Portland Oregon Electrician, Rose City Electric Company at 503-287-6164 and receive a free estimate. Maybe your budget doesn’t allow for your remodeling needs so you can call them even for small projects like installing just the ceiling fan or adding several outlets. Rose City Electric Company says no job is too small or too big.  There is nothing to lose and a fantastic kitchen to gain. You can also visit their website for more information at rosecityelectricco.com. Call today and see how they can make your visions a reality. 


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